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February 20, 2014

Swimming Pool Robot Cleaner? Dolphin models – How to choose between them?

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Deciding to purchase a robotic cleaner for your swimming pool means you are on the road to reducing your pool labour time significantly, furthermore the finer filters in these cleaners mean water clarity will improve too; this means reducing back-washing of the main pool filter.
A cleaner pool, with less particles in it means less ongoing investment in chemicals, water & importantly time.

‘I want one, but how do I go about choosing between the plethora of models?’ is a common question we are asked.

The world leading brand Dolphin (manufactured by Maytronics) have many models such as the M3, M4 M5 plus commercial models too.

Each model has key distinct features that differentiate it from the next.
These range from a remote control to steer the robot to a specific location? Or perhaps you need one that can climb the walls & scrub the waterline? Maybe you have a long lap pool & need a longer cable or an island or obstacle in the pool that means  a cable could get tangled, then a battery operated cleaner is for you!

So after many seasons of constantly being asked the same questions a simple chart has been devised to help you do just that. Within a minute anyone should be able to select the correct unit to suit them & their pool.

We welcome you to call or get in contact to delve deeper into the differences & kindly remind you that this is just a guide; please read full specifications prior to ordering.

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