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May 31, 2013

Pool drownings – swimming pool alarms & cover systems = SAFETY

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Today I read on Google News of a family’s devastation; a two year old in Arizona wandered off for moments & was tragically found beyond help in the pool. Despite best efforts she could not be revived.  Its heart wrenching & as a father of a child the same age I cannot begin to comprehend how they must feel but….

Not a month goes by where our industry press reports such tragedies. Yet systems exist to avoid just this occurrence & from as little as £399, mostly the French are the driving force behind them as they have strict laws stating that all pools must have at least an alarm but preferably a complete safety pool cover system. To this end they have the most stringent & exhaustive standards of compliance in the world – bar none!

Falling under the decree Article R. 128-2 -. III of this Decree No. 2004-49 as of 2006 ALL residential pools must be carrying an alarm & or safety cover system & or fence. The actual testing requirement or benchmark is commonly referred to as the NF P90 (with three number following that began with 302). This is what you should look out for to confirm what you are buying is actually safe & fit for purpose.
An example is our Sensor Premium alarm that can viewed by clicking here, it sits on the side of the pool & detects a break in the water tension caused by objects entering the pool. Its programmed intelligence ensures its not triggered by wind & objects that clearly are not people.

Pool alarms the first & best value line of defence

Pool alarms the simple & loud alert system

Moving on you are either entering into the realms of pool fencing or pool enclosures to keep people out & then a final line of defence in a locking swimming pool safety cover system.
Fences we offer are simple devices that are non permanent & mount into small holes around the pool – ideal for those who have children & those like grand parents that do not want to look at the fence when their is no risk, but need to offer protection when family visit. Whilst they are unobtrusive they are completely child proof & removed in minutes.

Access denied!

Access denied! the first line of defence

Pool enclosures offer year long swimming & like a fence offer a completely secure way of preventing access in the first instance. repeatedly our enclosures customers are impressed with the speed of erection by our expert team & the much extended swimming season they offer by locking out the UK weather!
As a safety system these sit at the top of the pile in terms of  ease of use & cost. Expect to pay from £8995 for a ‘lean to’ type upto £40,000 for a high roofed, free standing system with all the bells & whistles.

Lockable, an enclosure prohibits ALL access whether its a leaf or a child

Lockable, an enclosure prohibits ALL access whether its a leaf or a child

The final line of defence is a safety cover system. This starts with covers that anchor at multiple points around the pool offering 360 degree protection. The most famous & original system is from a brand based outside New York called Loop-Loc. They have been manufacturing & honing their system for 50 years & are famous for proofing their covers capabilities by walking an elephant onto a cover.

This system is available to suite ANY shaped pool including those with built in raised areas, slides & vanishing edges. These are available from under £1,000 from Aspects Pools.

Is there a more obvious way of proving its capabilities?

Is there a more obvious way of proving its capabilities? The Ultimate 'lock' on your pool!

There are also systems that are more quickly removed yet still regularly sold under £3,000. The market leader is a brand known as Walu system. This work on the principle of bars placed across the pool with the material itself stretched between them. One of the leading points of this over its peers is the modular nature of its construction, should the cover become damaged, say by falling roofing or even a car driving into the pool (yep, it’s happened) all other bar systems are a write off, the Walu can have the damaged parts easily removed & replaced.
They can accommodate odd shaped pools & step units too. A motorised upgrade is also offered. – Click here to get a quote on Walu Cover system

Unobtrusive, easily removed & completely safe!

Unobtrusive, easily removed & completely safe!

The final cover system we offer is designed for new build pools & retro fitment alike. It runs on rails under or over the pool coping stones & is nearly invisible when retracted in many installations. The CoverStar operates by being completely taught when covering the pool.

The CoverStar is very discrete. Click to learn more

The CoverStar is very discrete.

For a cover to surpass the N FP standard it must be capable of holding a childs weight whilst its laying face down. The cover must hold the child in such a way that when it turns its head sideways water cannot enter its mouth.

Please note…… Safety systems are not intended to replace adult supervision. Maintaining safety is the responsibility of the Pool Owner at all times and children and animals should always be supervised when near to water.

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