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October 28, 2013

Wrap up your swimming pool cover for winter!

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You invested in a solar cover to help generate & retain heat in your pool, now its time to retire it until next year.
Heres some tips on how spending a few minutes now ensures it’ll be in good order for use again next season….

lack of action could lead to you being confronted with a cover like this in the spring

lack of action could lead to you being confronted with a rotten cover like this in the spring

Your solar cover was a fairly costly investment & to ensure you get many years of service from it it needs a little TLC at this time of year.
If you have given it no thought & left it abandoned out in the elements the chances are it’ll become a haven for bacteria & algae growth, that is of course if the wind doesn’t catch hold of it & shred it in the meantime.

Clean it –

Firstly it needs to be cleaned of leaves & washed down with water from your pool all the better.
Take a bucket of water from the pool, dilute it by 50% (when done do not pour it back into the pool!) & then a soft brush. Brush the cover as you roll it onto its reel to remove debris & bacteria / algae.

Store it –

You can roll up the cover & store it in the garage or shed but this brings the absent minded temptation to place other items on top of it, this can cause splits, holes & cracks. A solar cover is designed to be rolled not folded.

The best option  is to cover it up on its reel, protecting it from the winter weather is the key to long life. The white sheet it was supplied with will not suffice, this material is designed to reflect solar heat from the cover not withstand wind, rain, snow & frost! So what to cover it with?

There are three systems on offer –

Firstly is there is the winter cover; a simple affair much the same as the summer cover, its draped over the solar cover on the reel & secured by rope or the like. Whilst being the lowest priced this method may only offer a few seasons protection.

Next is the reel protector cover; manufactured in a reinforced PVC material to protect the reel system solar cover from the elements. As it is manufactured by Plastica it has been tailor made to allow for Plastica brand reels, it is also suited to any other reel where a 14 inch steering wheel or less is found. The Blue Reel Protector Cover keeps rain and frost from damaging reel systems left outside.

Reel Proctector that encompases the cover too!

Reel Protector that encompases the cover too!

Finally is the NEW Winter Jacket; a simple but effective way to protect a solar blanket over winter when stored on a pool roller. It is suitable for any cover on any reel system. The Winter Jacket is manufactured from a tough woven polyethylene and has a full length zip, draw strings at both ends and wrap around straps to fully enclose and secure the coiled solar blanket. This system is deemed to be the most secure for the cover but offers no protection for the reel system itself.

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The Winter Jacket, high levels of protection

Check it –

Periodically its worth checking the reel system & protection cover is in place & not being pulled loose by wind or animals. Left until spring can lead to failure if theres mice nesting in there!

We hope this has been informative for you. If you need further advice or help please do get in touch.

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