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March 27, 2013

Solar bubble pool covers from Aspects Pools

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Why should you consider purchasing a bubble cover for your pool?

The answer is that a cover will substantially increase the value of your initial investment in the pool by the following methods;

Heat Loss; A major loss of heat occurs at night. As the ambient air temperature drops below that of the pool water, evaporation & convection heat loss increase significantly. By creating a barrier between the water & the air these losses are virtually eliminated. Lost heat costs money to replace….

Evaporation; By cutting down evaporation you cut down on topping up. A pool can lose up to 10,000L of water in some locations. Every time you top-up the pool you have to re-balance the water & therefore spend more money on chemicals.

Heat is lost mainly to evaporation from a pool

Heat is lost mainly to evaporation from a pool

Chlorine loss; Additionally as a solar cover cuts the amount of UV passing into the pool, you cut down on the amount of chlorine lost, as chlorine is lost is must be replaced – creating further expense. Why? Well chlorine by its nature breaks down very quickly under UV light, Multi-Function chlorine or Stabilised chlorine have cyanuric acid in them, this acts to reduce the UVs ability to breakdown the chlorine. This combined with the solar cover nearly eliminates this expensive waste.

Cleaner; A cover keeps the pool cleaner by preventing debris & leaves from falling into the water, they reduce the amount by upto 80%. This means much less work for your pool cleaner or yourself! Most pool cleaners will work perfectly fine under a cover.

Heating; By reducing the heat input by upto 50% a cover can save a lot of money from being spent on fuel, whether you use gas, oil, solar or heat pump.

Solar Gain; By their nature our solar gain covers draw sthe heat from the suns rays & trap them in the pool. As a result you can benefit from up to 8oC added to the base heat line of the pool before you even turn on the heating system!

Extended season; As the heater has to work less hard it’s a given that you can set the heater running earlier & for longer during the year, Why wouldn’t you want to use your pool for longer each year?


Take care before putting on to the pool to ensure it is the correct size – once it’s wet we cannot accept it back. Covers should be placed wit the bubbles facing down. If you are trimming the cover onsite it is best to give the cover a couple of days to settle before trimming – creases from being packaged will possibly ‘drop out’.Use a roller where possible to extend the life of the cover & make its use easier.


When removing the cover at the end of the season wash it down thoroughly with clean water & allow drying. Ensure that the supplied protection cover is used when the cover is removed from the water & never leave the cover exposed to sunlight OUT OF THE POOL for an extended period – over heating will irrevocably damage the cover. Leaving it on the lawn will cause the grass to be burnt. Chlorine levels should not exceed 3ppm – if super chlorinating the pool be sure to remove the cover & cleaner from the pool. Salt Chlorinators & Auto dosing systems should be dialed back somewhat when using a cover system.

Reference; All data supplied by the SPSA

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