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August 16, 2013

Pool Circles – the Urban crop circles!

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Rarely seen in the news these days crop circles were for a time a wonder of design & many believed a sign from aliens!

Whatever your take on them, an epidemic ‘rash’ of new circles is about to be revealed across the UK in levels never before seen…

After a bumper year for sales in the Wet Leisure industry due to the scorching summer, the best known brands such as Intex or Bestway inflatable & framed pools have been romping out of the door.

Some retailers have seen stock entirely exhausted of above ground or put up pools. We had many customers coming to us to order after repeated failure of online auction site sellers to deliver. We know & have seen with our own eyes that the ‘big barn’ DIY stores & a well known catalogue based retailer have been putting stock into stores that has been laid up for years in storage, waiting for just such a summer.

So the crop circles?

As the weather turns a little milder & the kids go back to school it’ll soon become time to pack away the garden pool. What many will be left with is unsightly brown dead grass or maybe the fresh strong roots of weeds trying their hardest to establish themselves in this light starved environment.

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Pool-Circles a sad reminder of a great summer!

Stock is still selling - its now more about the chemical treatment process though...

Stock is still selling - its now more about the chemical treatment process though...

What was once a centre of fun is now a focus for green fingered recovery….

So what can be done to get things back to normal & lush green?

  • DO NOT drain the pool onto the lawn – chemicals, wastes and bacteria will make matters worse. Create a simple syphon, run your garden hose & drop one end in the pool, turn off the tap & take the other into your waste drain, so long as it is lower the water in the pool & the hose was full of water when you turned off the tap then the pool water will syphon out – this will take a while but gravity will still work when you go to bed!
  • Pack away the pool taking care to rinse clean & dry – Time taken now will reduce the chances of mould & cracking when you get the pool out next year.
  • Use a metal leaf rake to lift the lawn and remove all loose dead grass & debris
  • Water area once more with copious amounts of fresh water (be sure to run the hose a while first)
  • Apply a light layer of compost to encourage new growth
  • Lightly sprinkle some matching grass seed to the area
  • Lightly sprinkle a hose onto seed & feed as per seed instructions
  • Mark of the area to prevent traffic & maybe consider how to prevent birds removing the seeds

Alternatively forget all of this, simply order a complete above ground pool that is a semi permanent structure – built to last a decade or more the Plastica wooden pool is the perfect way to relax & socialise for a longer period EVERY YEAR!

Summer fun without spending £25,000 or more!

Summer fun without spending £25,000 or more!

At time of writing we have 60% off of these leading brand pools, £1999 for what should be £5500!!!

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