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May 14, 2013

Aspects Pools – UK Aquatic Activity Awareness Campaign

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British Water Polo Prize Draw

Competition now closed! Thanks to everybody who took part.

Aspects Pools has launched a competition as part of an on-going campaign to increase awareness for minority aquatic activities in the UK, starting with the Olympic sport Water Polo.

Aspects Pools is giving away £1500 to one lucky team that competes in the British Water Polo League. The British Water Polo League is made up of 62 men’s and women’s teams who are all eligible to enter the competition – with more teams joining for the 2013/14 season.

Aspects Pools is also giving away £500 worth of water polo equipment to one lucky University Team or Upolo participant.

The competition format is a prize draw, but with a twist! In order to encourage teams to reach out to their own communities and build awareness of the sport, teams need to get as many people to enter on their behalf as they can, as the more people that enter, the more chance of winning they have. You can vote for your University/Upolo Team and your British Water polo League Team as there are two separate prizes.

Spread the word below using our tweet:

Getting people’s votes

Teams are being asked to reach out to their own communities to get as many votes as they can, an efficient way to do this is by using their own websites, social media platforms and databases to encourage people to vote, it takes less than a minute too!

The competition starts on 14/05/2013 and ends on 01/07/2013 at midnight. Complete the form above to nominate the team you want to win!

In the meantime, if you wish to know more about Aspect Pools and our services, visit our online shop or call us on 01895 672515 and talk to one of our specialists.

Please click here for the terms and conditions

April 30, 2013

Looking for a cheap swimming pool robot – Ipool is reduced for May

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To celebrate the month of May & the Glorious weather it will bring – ever the optimists we are – we have reduced the intelligent Ipool swimming pool robot from a respectable £1495 to £895!

Check out the timer ticking away on our website – when its finished counting this progressive scan pool cleaner will go back up to the previous price.

Click to learn more about the Ipool….

April 29, 2013

Bank Holiday Pool Fun? Things to have ready….

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With the bank holiday just five days away its worth thinking about what you, the people who enjoy your pool & the pool itself will need….


March 27, 2013

Solar bubble pool covers from Aspects Pools

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Why should you consider purchasing a bubble cover for your pool?

The answer is that a cover will substantially increase the value of your initial investment in the pool by the following methods;


February 26, 2013

Are you thinking about Swimming Pool Covers – but confused by the choices? – Thermal Blankets

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Are thinking about a new pool cover? <br>In this series of blogs we will take a quick look at the types of covers available for pools & why there are so many options –
<b> There are various covers on the market that all have a slightly different focus </b>- Lets explore this generally…
<i>Heat Blankets </i>or <i>Heat Retention</i> covers typically used indoors trap heat – cutting energy consumption & evaporation; A <i>Solar Cover</i> or <i>Bubble Cover</i> acts like a floating solar panel to actually increase the pool water temperature; <i>Winter Debris Covers</i> or <i>Winterising Covers</i> are tough covers clamped down to the ground over your pool with the aim of keeping Autumn & Winter detritus from the pool, whilst withstanding the depths of winter & the strain iof snow etc. – this means less leaf vacuuming & an easier open come Spring Time; <i>Safety Covers</i> or <i>Slatted Covers</i> are fortress like covers that float on the surface of the pool but lock in place preventing fall accidents & unwated pool use – typically they can also perform other functions from the above list too.<br>
<b>Lets start with Heat Retention or Foam covers;</b><br>
Heat Retention covers do just that, trap or retain heat under a blanket of foam that floats on the pools surface.  Most suitable for indoor use these covers can give as much as a 90% reduction in total heat loss form the pool.<br>
Additionaly a swimming pool heat retention cover can also cut down evaporation by a large margin – inside a properly maintained pool room this can reduce the amount of service from air-handling, dehumidifiers which again equates to less capitol outlay & reduced energy consumption – If you do not have a deumindifier indoors then a thermal blanket is a must as it will cut down on condensation considerably – again extending the life of the pool room or enclosure.<br>
Hot tubs & spa’s also have thermal blankets but they are much thicker & a slightly different compositoin, due in part to the higher temperatures found in spa’s but also the more aggressive chemical make up of spa water.<br>
These pool covers come in different thickness – the larger the pool the thinner the cover must be as it becomes difficult to roll onto a traditional roller if its too thick. Spa covers are to thick to be rolled tightly onto a pool cover roller.
Our Next Blog talks about Solar Covers – free heating for your pool? Need we ask!!!

Are thinking about a new pool cover?

In this series of blogs we will take a quick look at the types of covers available for pools & why there are so many options –

There are various covers on the market that all have a slightly different focus – Lets explore this generally…

Heat Blankets or Heat Retention covers typically used indoors trap heat – cutting energy consumption & evaporation; A Solar Cover or Bubble Cover acts like a floating solar panel to actually increase the pool water temperature; Winter Debris Covers or Winterising Covers are tough covers…


February 22, 2013

Price increases – how get ahead of them if you own a swimming pool

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Every year, roughly around February the UK Swimming Pool industry has its annual conference & trade show.

At this show new products are announced & prices advised for the year. At the end of February & into March the suppliers then send out their new  (usually higher, as is the case in most industries these days) prices for that year in the form of their new catalogues…

So how does this affect me you might ask? Well…


February 14, 2013

Wooden Pools for 2013 Cheap, Clearance Sale . . .

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Every business that holds goods in stock is duty bound to hold a ‘stock-take’ each year. After all how can the tax-man work out how much you owe him if you don’t know the value of your physical stock?

Whats this got to do with wooden pools you may wonder?
Well we just completed our annual stock take & we were a little taken aback to realise that we have a few more Premium Wooden Above Ground Swimming Pools in stock than we thought we did!

In this situation there is one simple course of action…. SALE or STOCK CLEARANCE call it what you will but they have to be sold.


February 1, 2013

30 Years of Aspects Pools

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30 years ago, in 1983…

Liner fitting from the archives

Liner fitting, image from our archives.

Aspects Pools was formed by a man who saw an opportunity to venture into new territory; this business grew & thrived through the 80s & 90’s. Sadly at the turn of the century the founder’s health deteriorated & the business was passed down to the son. Fairly standard story so far right? Well yes, but what happened next is not;


September 19, 2012

Protect your Swimming Pool & Equipment this Winter

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Ensuring your pool is closed down correctly for the Winter can go a long away to protecting your equipment & pool structure from any damage over the cooler months.

September 13, 2012

“Fabulous pool cover!”

3 words from our most recent Swimming Pool Enclosure customer describing how she felt about the new addition to her family’s pool.


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