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November 12, 2009

Insurance Claim – Aspects are called in for a Leak Detection and replace a Swimming Pool Liner

If you have a leak in your swimming pool and it has caused damage to your pool surround you may be able to claim on your insurance as did one of our customers in Oxfordshire.

Recently Aspects Pools & Leisure were approached by a company called Tangible Building Solutions who are a company that deal with insurance claims on behalf of individuals.  There was a suspected leak  somewhere in the pool which needed identifying and as we specialise in this area we were seen by Tangible as the ideal partnering company.

As some of you may have experienced when water is accidentally or intentionally emptied from a swimming pool liner serious damage can occur to the pvc material. As the pressure from the pool water against the liner is removed the already stretched material relaxes and loses shape.  This is near on impossible to get back to its original position with the best case scenario being left with creases on the pool floor. Therefore do not intentionally empty your swimming pool

In the project in Oxfordshire the pool had lost a lot of water due to the leak, the liner had obviously become disfigured as the water level had seriously dropped and due to inactive filtration and chemicalisation the swimming pool resembled a pond.

We were sent out to quote on the work and after a successful meeting with all concerned Tangible managed to get the work authorised by the insurance company to the delight of our customer and the work began.

Firstly we inspected with dye all internal fittings, then pressure tested all the pipework. As it was a liner pool we also used electronic equipment to establish that the liner was sound. The outcome was that the liner had a small hole which was difficult to see with the naked eye and also their was damaged to the main drain. We repaired the drain whilst we were there as gesture of goodwill and consequently quoted to get the pool back to its original condition before the leak had occurred. The main part of this was the replacement of the swimming pool liner. The customer chose a 30 thou (0.75mm) white liner with a blue patterned tileband. This was also approved by the underwriter and we replaced this for him.

The moral of this story is firstly if you have a leak do give us a call and we can advise or carry out a routine to source the problem and secondly and most importantly check to see if your swimming pool is covered by your buildings/contents insurance as there is no point paying a premium and not getting a pay out if applicable.

Please contact us on 01895-672515 or visit who may be able to assist with your claim.

Check out some of our images from Oxfordshire.

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