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April 24, 2012

Geo Bubble has landed…

The long awaited launch of the latest in solar bubble cover technology has finally arrived with the Geo Bubble material now available.

Geo Bubble has been formulated in a way to reduce the effect of chemicals & UV rays. It is 50% larger and overall will last much much longer than the traditional bubble still available as the Blue, SilverBlue & Gold covers.
Available as a 500 Micron Sol+Guard cover and also a 600 Micron Aqua Max, with the extra thickness offering even more durability and increased heat retention, these pool covers are what you should have floating on your pool. For a bespoke price click here.
The solar gain and heat retaining aspects of these covers WILL save you money in the long term. Gas, Oil or Electric heating costs will be reduced with the best quality solar covers around. Although the idea of the bubble cover is not new, the improved material & increased longevity now make a solar bubble cover an even better investment.

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