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December 4, 2014

Christmas, the season of good cheer, not costly repair bills!

This Yuletide why not treat your pool.  Why wait until the new season to check for leaks and water loss when there are products available to make sure you have a worry free Christmas period, knowing your pool is not leaking and slowly emptying itself.

Santa Pool

Santa relaxing in his pool, will this be you?

A pool that is left to leak over time could end up with major structural problems that could have been noticed and, potentially rectified, very quickly.  A small hole, the size of a pencil tip, if not repaired, could allow hundreds of gallons of water to be lost into the ground around your pool.  This in itself can cause a shift in the ground that supports your pool, but, if left unattended while the pool is closed for the winter, could cause major structural damage within the pool itself if the water levels, and therefore pressure against the pool structure, drops too far.

Just take a little time to check for leaks, either around the fittings in your pool, in the seams of your liner or the grout of your pools tiles.  Use a leak detection fluid, coloured to be easily seen in the water and that doesnt dissolve, to see if your water is leaking out as the dye will be sucked out of a hole, which will be clear to see.


Find that leak, easy applicator supplied

These use very handy applicators to allow you to be very direct and precise as to where the fluid goes.

Should a leak be detected, there are a couple of different courses of action that can be taken, depending on where the leak is.

If your leak is in the actual liner or along one of the seams then use a liner repair kit to patch over the hole.  This is very like mending a puncture in a tyre, except the adhesive used is designed to work under water!  Cut the patch to size, leaving enough to be able to apply the glue onto, fold in half, glue sides together, cover the hole in the liner and open out the patch, glue side down, under water and press into place, holding for a few seconds.

If the leak is coming from around the fittings in your liner pool then use a specialist liner sealer.  Again this is designed to be used under water and creates a strong barricade to stop leaks.


Need to repair a leak in your liner, we have everything that you could need.

If you have a concrete and tile pool then a specifically designed underwater putty can be used.  This can be used to fill holes where the pool grout has started to crack and crumble or around the fittings, if a leak has been detected around these, or it is even strong enough to fill small holes and craks that may appear in the actual concrete itself, both under and above the water line.  Products like this can often be filed, sawn, machined, sanded, drilled and tapped and set harder than concrete.

If you are unsure if your repair is adequate, then please seek professional help from your nearest pool build specialist.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Have a great Festive period without the worry of a leaking pool,  Merry Christmas to one and all.

All information and advice is given purely as guidance only.  Please seek professional advice if required.

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