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March 16, 2015

A Guide to Swimming Pool Lights

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There are many types of lights for swimming pools available but in this article we focus on the type of light that is installed in the vast majority of swimming pools in the UK – the Certikin Swimming Pool Light.

First let us understand the names of the parts. A typical pool light installation will include a TRANSFORMER, a DECK BOX, a NICHE, the GUTS and a LIGHT.

The TRANSFORMER takes the 240V mains electricity and transforms it down to a safe 12V so no-one will get electrocuted in the pool. It usually resides in the pool room and from it goes a cable to the Deck Box.

The DECK BOX is resides on the deck just above the light. This is where the cable from the transformer joins the cable from the guts.

The GUTS is the rather basic terminology given to the inner part of the light. The guts consists of the light and a cable. The light is held in a frame and the whole assembly of light, frame and cable are screwed in to the Niche.

The NICHE is fixed to the wall of the pool when the pool is first constructed. Replacing a Niche is a major job but replacing either the light or the guts is quite easy. The design of the niche has stayed the same for many years so new lighting technology has been made to fit in to existing Niches.

The LIGHT is part of the guts but is sold separately for replacement purposes. The light is often referred to as the BULB but that is not quite the right word for it. Another term associated with pool lights is PAR56

PAR56 is the name of the shape of the light that goes in to all Certikin Niches. So a Light must be the PAR56 shape but that light could be an LED light or a Sealed Beam light or a Halogen Bulb Light. There are many makes of non-Certikin light made to the PAR56 shape that can be used in Certikin assemblies.

A typical installation of a swimming pool light

A typical installation of a swimming pool light

If your light need replacing then the first thing you need to do is identify which one it is. Then decide what you want to replace it with. When identifying your light the first place to look is at your transformer. If your transformer is 100 Watts then your light is a probably a HALOGEN type. You can replace this with a new one; part number SPC556HN Click here to order one. Note this actually is a BULB hence why refer to the others as LIGHTS. These are a old type of light, you might want to replace it with a modern one – more on this later. If you have a 300 Watt transformer then you probably have a PU9 light which is good because you have a wider choice of replacement lights. The standard white, sealed beam light is a PU8 and can be found here.

If you have a 300 Watt PU9 set up then you have the option to change the light for an LED version which, though expensive, will last for about 30 years or more. As well as being a brighter white light you can also get colour changing LED lights.

Slyvania Colour change LED pool light

Slyvania Colour change LED pool light

If you have the older 100W Halogen light but want a coloured LED light then you can but you will need to change your transformer to a 300W version and then replace the guts the new PU9 version then you can fit any of the new PAR56 lights.

If you have any questions on swimming pool lights please call us 0800 270 7440 for further guidance.

December 4, 2014

Christmas, the season of good cheer, not costly repair bills!

This Yuletide why not treat your pool.  Why wait until the new season to check for leaks and water loss when there are products available to make sure you have a worry free Christmas period, knowing your pool is not leaking and slowly emptying itself.

Santa Pool

Santa relaxing in his pool, will this be you?

A pool that is left to leak over time could end up with major structural problems that could have been noticed and, potentially rectified, very quickly.  A small hole, the size of a pencil tip, if not repaired, could allow hundreds of gallons of water (more…)

July 18, 2014

Aqua Power robotic pool cleaner fitler bag

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If you own a robotic pool cleaner then you know may not recall how laborious it is to sweep & vacuum a pool, so good is the performance of these machines (typically – ed). However if you pay your cleaner little attention you may soon be forced back to manually cleaning the pool – whilst it can be quite relaxing once you get past the priming of hoses, attaching poles etc. etc. we know that you most likely not want to go back to this old method.

The aqua-power PSU (Power Supply Unit), a tell-tale sign of a AquaTron robot

The aqua-power PSU (Power Supply Unit), a tell-tale sign of a AquaTron robot

Regular rinsing of the robot cleaner inside & out with fresh water plus removing hair & other articles trapped around the top impeller & tracks can go a long way to keeping things in good order.

However one of the most overlooked items is the filter.
Whether a bag or cartridge (flat panel) these will soon become clogged, like your pools main filter once clogged the pumps have to work extra hard which creates premature wear & shortens their service life.

The 8100S fitler bag as seen fitted to its frame

The 8100S filter bag as seen fitted to its frame

So what can be done?

  1. After each use turn the bag inside out & rinse through with fresh clean water, if using a hose keep the pressure low so as not to damage the fibres.
  2. Inspect the bag monthly & replace immediately if it becomes split – debris entering the motor pump will be catastrophic.
  3. Rotate the filter base when fitting to alternate the side of the bag  that takes the biggest flow rate – pool robots do tend to have stronger suction on one side than another.
  4. Replace the bag every 18 – 24 months.
The Dirt Devil - our very popular cleaner from 2009 - 2013

The Dirt Devil – our very popular cleaner from 2009 – 2013

It will not be until you replace the bag that you see just what a dirty & misshapen state your old filter is in.
Aspects Pools offer the worlds most common filter bag the 8100S.
This is fitted in many a cleaner as the worlds largest & longest established manufacturer Aqua-Power or Aqua-Tron have been using it for over a decade. This manufacturer have made many a variation on there original design but always (until 2013) they filter was the same system.
So if you have a cleaner with a power pack that looks like the one above then the chances are that the bag has a small tag with the number 8100S written on it.

Get your 8100S filter bag from Aspects pools by clicking on any of the image within this BLOG or by clicking here.

If you need more help then do call us on 01895 672 515

June 12, 2014

Rounded corners – How to measure for pool covers

If you’re ordering a new cover but not sure on the corner radii then please follow these instructions to measure it accurately;



Method 1:
Some pools have a rounded corner. To measure the radius of these curves extend two imaginary lines to meet at a point from the start of the curve. The length of this imaginary line (red line) represents the radius of the curve. The lines start where the cover begins to curve, and ends where they cross.

Method 2:
If you have an old cover, put the cover on the top of a newspaper and align the two edges of the cover with the edge of newspaper. The distance from the corner of the newspaper, to where the cover completely covers the paper is the radius of the corner.

Note: Measure all radius corners. Make sure that all the radii are equal. A slight difference in each radius will cause a fitting inconsistency.

Method 3:

Trace the existing cover or the internals then scan & send to us. Alternatively cut a piece of thick card to match the exact shape & send it in. This method will add 7-10 days whilst we wait for your ‘pattern’ part & then translate it for the factory.

Feel free to call for further clarity on 01895 672 515

May 10, 2014

The Naia Swimming Pool robot cleaner

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The Naia has been making a name for itself as a great value cleaner in a crowded market since Aspects Pools first brought it to the UK in 2103, we were curious & like most customers wondered about the price & how it could be effective at the price.
So we got a few in from overseas & have never looked back…

The first feature most people notice is the price. Hundreds, if not thousands of pounds less than full A.I. robot cleaners…

After that come the questions & they are always the same,  so below to help i’ve simply copied the most common reply;

How does it work, does it brush the floor, will it work on a liner pool, why is it so cheap & how is it operated?

It works like a jet ski in as much as it sucks water up through vents underneath & jets the water out of the rear. This simple act of physics pushes the Naia along the floor.
When the user turns it on they set the pool size on the control box so it knows how far to travel.

The jet propulsion is created by an on-board electric motor, this motor is fed a safe voltage of 12V via a floating cable. This cable is connected to a mains transformer & control box. This box although splash-proof, must stand well back of the water on the pool side.

During propulsion process the water is passed through a filter bag & this is where the cleaning happens.
There is no brushing action to speak of but the suction is significant & the bag is very fine, often much finer than sand filtration & therefore excellent at improving water clarity.

This cleaner is suitable for any pool surface & those with gentle slopes as it is not driven by complex tracks, pulleys or wheels.

Its worthy of further note that this cleaner helps to agitate & circulate the water in the lowest parts of the pool where often chemicals do not fully permeate & it is coldest. This action encourages better chemical mixing & also more even heat distribution.

A warmer, more balanced & cleaner, clearer pool.

The Naia; a simple yet effective design for a simple problem

The Naia; a simple yet effective design for a simple problem

The price question has been separated out of the above as its a little more in depth;

Simply put this cleaner is a step between totally dumb suction cleaners and advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) driven robotic cleaners.

Dumb suction cleaners bob & hop around the pool in random patterns driven by your pool pumps suction system – inefficient & often ineffective at total area cleaning.
Full Robotic AI cleaners scan the pool & drive around methodically to give a total area clean.
They are driven by two motors (to steer & drive like a tank) & one to help climb walls (if applicable) this is vs. one motor in the Naia.
The Robots have scanning systems & all sorts of other electrical fuss & faff inside to make them work effectively – all of this equipment & material adds weight & cost.

Not overly complex nor fiddly, simply put it in the water, adjust the output nozzle angles, turn it on, enter the pool-size, cleaning time required & press go!

Naia pool robot cleaner - Control? turn it on enter the pool size & press go!

Naia pool robot cleaner - Control? turn it on enter the pool size & press go!

All in all the Naia is stunning in its simple approach to the problem of dirty pools.

Feel free to call us (01895 672515) or head to our website to learn more.

May 4, 2014

Skimming the pool just got quicker

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Skimming the swimming pool’s surface is an often repetitively boring task. Nets are great for the odd leaf of bug but to clear a pool or pond of algae at the start of the season is a whole different kettle of fish.

Now fresh from the USA is the Parachute Skimmer ™ to make things very much simpler & swift.
Simply cast it out over the pool or drop it in at the edge and guide it through the leaves or debris to dredge the surface.

Three times wider than a typical net means it at least three times faster, its logical when you think about it;
You wouldn’t use a dustpan brush to sweep your drive so why use a foot wide net to sweep the pools surface?
At three foot wide the skimming parachute glides across the surface effortlessly, the patented design makes manoeuvring a cinch too.

Learn more at our website by clicking here or calling the office on 01895 672 515.

April 30, 2014

Looking for a pool engineer in your area?

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We are frequently asked to install products, typically after having tirelessly worked with our customer to supply the right product. Sadly & all to often in lieu of those incorrectly installed or previously supplied by others. So once a degree of trust & rapport has been established its logical to ask the supplier for assistance with installation.
We can install in some Southern Counties such as Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Devon & Cornwall offer this service but what if we cannot help?

We always point customers to our regulatory body SPATA.
The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association has many roles but to name the key ones beneficial for an end user I would say;

  • Members (pool companies) must meet minimum standards & criteria before joining
  • Set standards governing construction, installation & operation of pools, spa’s & steamrooms
  • Work is inspected prior to joining & periodically thereafter to ensure standards do not slip
  • Supply customer information packs & free factsheets including contract checksheets
  • Free technical advice
  • Water treatment training courses for members & non members
  • Dispute Resolution including stakeholder facility to safeguard contract monies for both parties
  • An easy to access list of approved members via their website

The list does go on & on so feel free to visit their website for further help & advice.

SPATA - working to improve pools

SPATA - working to improve pools

April 22, 2014

From inflatable loungers and chairs to water based games….

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Goggles, snorkels, inflatables and toys – Summer is coming!!!!!!

As we are now rapidly heading for the Summer, it is time to look at what can be supplied to make your leisure time as enjoyable as possible.

From inflatable loungers and chairs to water based games, we sell a wide variety of goods to keep the whole family entertained.  Whether it be a fast passed game of mini water polo, a game of water volleyball or a more relaxed floating chair to while away the time reading, we have the solution.


If you want to just ‘chillax’ in your pool and catch the sun or read a book there are a few different options available.  If you prefer to stay sitting up to be able to read or listen to music, there is a choice of the Jumbo Club Chair, the Strawberry Pocket Lounger, Floating Chairs or large floating buoys or rings.  If you want to just lie in the sun you can on a traditional Lilo or floating mattress or choose from one of the Spring Float Cool Hawaii Mattress.  These are great as they fold away for easy storage or packing for travel.  While you are chilling out why not have drinks and snacks on hand with the Spa Bar whilst listening to your favourite tunes using the wireless IN POOL speaker, compatible with most digital music players, including i-Pods.

Flaot away your day....

Float away your day....


To keep the children quiet and occupied, whether they are big or small, and I’m the biggest kid out there when it comes to being in the pool!, there are so many options available.  From the regular ride-on inflatables, Dolphins, Crocodiles etc. through water based games like mini polo, volleyball or basketball to the more lively water squirting toys, including the fabulous Surf Cannon, we have them all.  For those more active and adventurous there is the Aquatic Skate for use on or under water, great for competitions between friends!!

Fun for most everyone!

Fun for most everyone!


With a wide range of Zoggs goggles available we have a pair for everyone; from the youngest child just starting out on their swimming adventure, to the most experienced athlete for competition.  For the children, goggles come in a range of colours, for boys, girls and unisex.  Also available are a range of snorkels, both adult and junior sized.
For the adult swimmer in training, or learning to swim, there is also the in-line snorkel, often referred to as an ‘elephant’ snorkel.  This is a fantastic tool for adults who struggle to master the breathing during front crawl or breaststroke, as they can just concentrate on the stroke first.

This post was written by one of the southwest’s leading swimming coaches & latest contributor to our blogs – for more BLOGS like this visit our website.

September 8, 2013

The ‘Sunrise’ – a new generation of solar cover reel systems…

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So you have a solar cover on your pool pulling in the sunlight during the day & reducing evaporation overnight – well done, your saving money & energy!

But if you are honest how many times have you looked at the pool & thought, ‘pah, I cannot be bothered to tackle the roller’ & not bothered to take a quick dip? (more…)

August 16, 2013

Pool Circles – the Urban crop circles!

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Rarely seen in the news these days crop circles were for a time a wonder of design & many believed a sign from aliens!

Whatever your take on them, an epidemic ‘rash’ of new circles is about to be revealed across the UK in levels never before seen… (more…)

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