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December 4, 2014

Christmas, the season of good cheer, not costly repair bills!

This Yuletide why not treat your pool.  Why wait until the new season to check for leaks and water loss when there are products available to make sure you have a worry free Christmas period, knowing your pool is not leaking and slowly emptying itself.

Santa Pool

Santa relaxing in his pool, will this be you?

A pool that is left to leak over time could end up with major structural problems that could have been noticed and, potentially rectified, very quickly.  A small hole, the size of a pencil tip, if not repaired, could allow hundreds of gallons of water (more…)

November 12, 2009

Insurance Claim – Aspects are called in for a Leak Detection and replace a Swimming Pool Liner

If you have a leak in your swimming pool and it has caused damage to your pool surround you may be able to claim on your insurance as did one of our customers in Oxfordshire.

Recently Aspects Pools & Leisure were approached by a company called Tangible Building Solutions who are a company that deal with insurance claims on behalf of individuals.  There was a suspected leak  somewhere in the pool which needed identifying and as we specialise in this area we were seen by Tangible as the ideal partnering company.


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