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January 10, 2014

New Year, new work out regime? It won’t last – exercise whilst pool cleaning could…

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Every year in the UK we as a nation spend millions upon millions of hard earned pounds on fitness equipment that will in short order end-up in the garage, loft or on an auction website within months. Its hard to stick to a new fitness regime, especially one where the gains are hard to see & improvements so difficult to attain.

Spend Millions on equipment that will rarely be used? Why do we do this every year?

Spend Millions on equipment that will rarely be used? Why do we do this every year?

Often we are told that using the stairs & not the lift, or getting off of the bus one stop early makes all the difference; but we are busy, these methods take time out of our working day so sadly they are often hard to maintain.

One thing however you will notice is that your pool engineer is, like so many outdoor workers is probably quite physically fit.
This is no accident, the effort required to brush a pool wall & floor is really quite wearing. An hour spent brushing & vacuuming the pool will burn countless calories.

Whats more I tend to find that this is the sort of task where one’s mind is able to roam somewhat, some might even find the whole experience quite relaxing.
That said if your pool brush, hose or pole is past its prime, you could find yourself quickly becoming frustrated & like jogging or other fitness regimes throw in the towel too soon!

Multi Award Winning handheld pool vacuum

Multi Award Winning, rechargeable pool vacuum that needs no hose...

Cleaning your swimming pool needn’t be hard graft though, we have special brushes like the Sweep Ease with properties modelled on Formula 1 speed boats – these create extra downforce to scrub without ‘putting your back into it’.
We have underwater battery operated vacuums such as the multi award winning Pool Blaster that mount to your existing pool pole & pick everything up….

Sweep with ten times less effort than normal....

Sweep with ten times less effort than normal....

Grab a new brush, vacuum head, pole or hose via our website WWW.ASPECTSPOOLS.CO.UK or call 01895 672 515.

So what are the benefits:

  • Extra fresh air in your day
  • Improved muscular exercise
  • Improved calorie burn
  • Reduced financial costs as you may only need the pool engineer once a month or less
  • An improved insight into your pools operation & a greater appreciation for its every nook & cranny
  • An improved pool as nobody really cares about your water quality more than you, the pool user!

Studies have shown that your general wellbeing & state of mind may well be improved as a result of performing a task of this nature.

Of course there are always going to be times where you cannot get it done, a cleaning robot from as little as £349 are available, such as the Dolphin Hybrid which delivers amazing results…

For those who don't want to do ALL the work, a robot can help...

For those who don't want to do ALL the work, a robot can help...

So get fit, save money & improve your state of mind by simply brushing & vacuuming your pool.
If you want to understand more about how to do this simply get in touch with Aspects Pools or review our other BLOGS on this matter….

October 28, 2013

Wrap up your swimming pool cover for winter!

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You invested in a solar cover to help generate & retain heat in your pool, now its time to retire it until next year.
Heres some tips on how spending a few minutes now ensures it’ll be in good order for use again next season….

lack of action could lead to you being confronted with a cover like this in the spring

lack of action could lead to you being confronted with a rotten cover like this in the spring


October 2, 2013

Protect your solar cover in winter – the simple solution

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Protect your swimming pool Solar Cover & Reel from the UK’s weather conditions. Exposing Solar Covers and Reels to harsh winter elements will gradually reduce their longevity.

Click to view in the webshop

Cover Protector of reinforced PVC in blue


September 19, 2012

Protect your Swimming Pool & Equipment this Winter

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Ensuring your pool is closed down correctly for the Winter can go a long away to protecting your equipment & pool structure from any damage over the cooler months.

September 13, 2012

Piece of mind with a safety cover over your pool

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Whilst thinking about covering your pool this coming Autumn & Winter you may want to consider something that provides complete safety around the pool area over this time. Why not upgrade your Winter Debris Cover to a Swimming Pool Safety Cover or Safety Fencing?


July 16, 2012

Be ready come rain or shine….!

Many pool owners are probably spending more time looking at their pools from the sanctum of their house rather than actually swimming in it. Oh the British summer! Let’s hope it picks up for the School summer holidays and the London Olympics.

In the meantime we should be keeping an eye on the pool regularly to ensure it is ready for any sustained period of hot weather, and also to protect the pool equipment.


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