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June 12, 2014

Rounded corners – How to measure for pool covers

If you’re ordering a new cover but not sure on the corner radii then please follow these instructions to measure it accurately;



Method 1:
Some pools have a rounded corner. To measure the radius of these curves extend two imaginary lines to meet at a point from the start of the curve. The length of this imaginary line (red line) represents the radius of the curve. The lines start where the cover begins to curve, and ends where they cross.

Method 2:
If you have an old cover, put the cover on the top of a newspaper and align the two edges of the cover with the edge of newspaper. The distance from the corner of the newspaper, to where the cover completely covers the paper is the radius of the corner.

Note: Measure all radius corners. Make sure that all the radii are equal. A slight difference in each radius will cause a fitting inconsistency.

Method 3:

Trace the existing cover or the internals then scan & send to us. Alternatively cut a piece of thick card to match the exact shape & send it in. This method will add 7-10 days whilst we wait for your ‘pattern’ part & then translate it for the factory.

Feel free to call for further clarity on 01895 672 515

January 10, 2014

New Year, new work out regime? It won’t last – exercise whilst pool cleaning could…

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Every year in the UK we as a nation spend millions upon millions of hard earned pounds on fitness equipment that will in short order end-up in the garage, loft or on an auction website within months. Its hard to stick to a new fitness regime, especially one where the gains are hard to see & improvements so difficult to attain.

Spend Millions on equipment that will rarely be used? Why do we do this every year?

Spend Millions on equipment that will rarely be used? Why do we do this every year?

Often we are told that using the stairs & not the lift, or getting off of the bus one stop early makes all the difference; but we are busy, these methods take time out of our working day so sadly they are often hard to maintain.

One thing however you will notice is that your pool engineer is, like so many outdoor workers is probably quite physically fit.
This is no accident, the effort required to brush a pool wall & floor is really quite wearing. An hour spent brushing & vacuuming the pool will burn countless calories.

Whats more I tend to find that this is the sort of task where one’s mind is able to roam somewhat, some might even find the whole experience quite relaxing.
That said if your pool brush, hose or pole is past its prime, you could find yourself quickly becoming frustrated & like jogging or other fitness regimes throw in the towel too soon!

Multi Award Winning handheld pool vacuum

Multi Award Winning, rechargeable pool vacuum that needs no hose...

Cleaning your swimming pool needn’t be hard graft though, we have special brushes like the Sweep Ease with properties modelled on Formula 1 speed boats – these create extra downforce to scrub without ‘putting your back into it’.
We have underwater battery operated vacuums such as the multi award winning Pool Blaster that mount to your existing pool pole & pick everything up….

Sweep with ten times less effort than normal....

Sweep with ten times less effort than normal....

Grab a new brush, vacuum head, pole or hose via our website WWW.ASPECTSPOOLS.CO.UK or call 01895 672 515.

So what are the benefits:

  • Extra fresh air in your day
  • Improved muscular exercise
  • Improved calorie burn
  • Reduced financial costs as you may only need the pool engineer once a month or less
  • An improved insight into your pools operation & a greater appreciation for its every nook & cranny
  • An improved pool as nobody really cares about your water quality more than you, the pool user!

Studies have shown that your general wellbeing & state of mind may well be improved as a result of performing a task of this nature.

Of course there are always going to be times where you cannot get it done, a cleaning robot from as little as £349 are available, such as the Dolphin Hybrid which delivers amazing results…

For those who don't want to do ALL the work, a robot can help...

For those who don't want to do ALL the work, a robot can help...

So get fit, save money & improve your state of mind by simply brushing & vacuuming your pool.
If you want to understand more about how to do this simply get in touch with Aspects Pools or review our other BLOGS on this matter….

October 8, 2013

Shipping swimming pool covers abroad, to Spain for example….

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Theres a large community of British folk living a life under the mediterranean sun & who could blame them?

Its not all sunshine & sangria, relaxing by the pool all day though.

Shopping, something we all take for granted can be very limited & getting things a little out of the ‘norm’ a distressing situation. We get in numerous calls & emails each (more…)

July 2, 2013

inflatable hot tubs & bubble spas -PureSpa by Intex- want to know more ?

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So you’re thinking about buying a hot tub? Maybe you have seen an inflatable unit at the ‘big barn’ DIY outlets for under £800? Names like MSpa & Camaro are commonly seen. (more…)

May 31, 2013

Pool drownings – swimming pool alarms & cover systems = SAFETY

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Today I read on Google News of a family’s devastation; a two year old in Arizona wandered off for moments & was tragically found beyond help in the pool. Despite best efforts she could not be revived.  Its heart wrenching & as a father of a child the same age I cannot begin to comprehend how they must feel but….

Not a month goes by where our industry press reports such tragedies. Yet systems exist to avoid just this occurrence & from as little as £399, mostly the French are the driving force behind them as they have strict laws stating that all pools must have at least an alarm but preferably a complete safety pool cover system. To this end they have the most stringent & exhaustive standards of compliance in the world – bar none! (more…)

May 14, 2013

Aspects Pools – UK Aquatic Activity Awareness Campaign

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British Water Polo Prize Draw

Competition now closed! Thanks to everybody who took part.

Aspects Pools has launched a competition as part of an on-going campaign to increase awareness for minority aquatic activities in the UK, starting with the Olympic sport Water Polo.

Aspects Pools is giving away £1500 to one lucky team that competes in the British Water Polo League. The British Water Polo League is made up of 62 men’s and women’s teams who are all eligible to enter the competition – with more teams joining for the 2013/14 season.

Aspects Pools is also giving away £500 worth of water polo equipment to one lucky University Team or Upolo participant.

The competition format is a prize draw, but with a twist! In order to encourage teams to reach out to their own communities and build awareness of the sport, teams need to get as many people to enter on their behalf as they can, as the more people that enter, the more chance of winning they have. You can vote for your University/Upolo Team and your British Water polo League Team as there are two separate prizes.

Spread the word below using our tweet:

Getting people’s votes

Teams are being asked to reach out to their own communities to get as many votes as they can, an efficient way to do this is by using their own websites, social media platforms and databases to encourage people to vote, it takes less than a minute too!

The competition starts on 14/05/2013 and ends on 01/07/2013 at midnight. Complete the form above to nominate the team you want to win!

In the meantime, if you wish to know more about Aspect Pools and our services, visit our online shop or call us on 01895 672515 and talk to one of our specialists.

Please click here for the terms and conditions

February 1, 2013

30 Years of Aspects Pools

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30 years ago, in 1983…

Liner fitting from the archives

Liner fitting, image from our archives.

Aspects Pools was formed by a man who saw an opportunity to venture into new territory; this business grew & thrived through the 80s & 90’s. Sadly at the turn of the century the founder’s health deteriorated & the business was passed down to the son. Fairly standard story so far right? Well yes, but what happened next is not;


July 2, 2012

Out with the old in with the New!

With each year we see the introduction of new and innovative products hitting the UK Pool and Spa market. Many of these products have been sold and used around the larger markets such as Europe and America, therefore we benefit from almost free testing periods and can supply products which are building a proven track record.


March 17, 2012

Latest Swimming Pool News – March #1

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We will aim to bring you regular news from the Pool/Spa/Wet Leisure industry that we think may be useful, informative or even just to provide some humor and light reading from time to time. We will also post stories on news from around the country and the rest of the world. Here is our latest round up: –


March 16, 2012

New warehouse, more stock, even better service…

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The start of 2012 has seen some further growth for with the move of our stocked items order despatch facility to a new dedicated 5,000 square foot warehouse. This development has enabled us to again review and increase the products we hold.


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