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November 13, 2014

Aquabot Cleaner not working – all hope is not lost!

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Repairs to Aquabot In-Pool Cleaners can be carried out in the fully equipped workshop, here in the UK, by trained engineers.
Most European specification Aquabot automatic pool cleaners can be repaired.

All recommended spare parts are kept in stock for current Aquabot automatic pool cleaners.  Some of the more common parts for older Aquabot machines are also stocked, but should you require a particular part that is not kept as a regular stock item, orders can be made for specific parts to the Aquabot factory, meaning you should never have to wait very long for a part.  Parts can also be sent more urgently should you require, subject to extra carriage charges. (more…)

February 20, 2014

Swimming Pool Robot Cleaner? Dolphin models – How to choose between them?

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Deciding to purchase a robotic cleaner for your swimming pool means you are on the road to reducing your pool labour time significantly, furthermore the finer filters in these cleaners mean water clarity will improve too; this means reducing back-washing of the main pool filter.
A cleaner pool, with less particles in it means less ongoing investment in chemicals, water & importantly time.

‘I want one, but how do I go about choosing between the plethora of models?’ is a common question we are asked. (more…)

April 23, 2012

Supreme cleaning from Dolphin

Dolphin cleaners have long been known as the market leader in Automatic Pool Cleaners. With a proven track record of reliability in both the domestic and commercial sectors, this year has seen the completion of a new range of cleaners launched, all going by the name of ‘Supreme’ (M3/M4/M5).


February 17, 2012

Bio-Suction & M5 Liberty Battery added to Dolphin offering

Maytronics, the manufacturer of the Dolphin range of automatic pool cleaners, are leading the way in 2012 introducing 2 more cleaners to the market covering the varying needs for different types of pools.


February 3, 2012

Clean your pool bottom at a Pacer!

Growing tired of walking around your pool with a pole and vacuum head cleaning the dirt, dust and debris off the floor…?! Zodiac’s Baracuda suction cleaners have the ideal solution for you with the Baracuda Pacer.


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