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July 16, 2012

Be ready come rain or shine….!

Many pool owners are probably spending more time looking at their pools from the sanctum of their house rather than actually swimming in it. Oh the British summer! Let’s hope it picks up for the School summer holidays and the London Olympics.

In the meantime we should be keeping an eye on the pool regularly to ensure it is ready for any sustained period of hot weather, and also to protect the pool equipment.

If you have a non-porous type cover that collects rainwater on top you should ensure this rain is cleared off to stop the cover or pool surround becoming damaged. A cover pump such as the Coverstar Little Giant is ideal for this. See below image of an installed cover pump.

If you have a solar cover reel or roller then protect it from the elements with a Deluxe Reel Protector Cover.
Keep your pool clear of debris with a pair of sturdy Leaf Nets (flat/skimmer & deep), plus continue to test your pool water’s pH, Alkalinity and Sanitiser levels, adjusting the water balance and shocking the water when necessary with your swimming pool chemicals.
Guardex Shimmer 400g provides a single shock dose for pools up to 11,000 gallons (14ft x 28ft or 4m x 8.5m). CAW Chem Multi Functional Shock with Clarifier is supplied in a larger quantity, although a slightly less economical dose rate.
Looking ahead to the ‘official’ Autumn and Winter months, you may want to look at our range of Winter Debris Pool Covers, which include the fully certified Loop Loc Safety covers or if you would like an all year round cover the Walu Safety cover is an excellent choice.

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