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July 18, 2014

Aqua Power robotic pool cleaner fitler bag

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If you own a robotic pool cleaner then you know may not recall how laborious it is to sweep & vacuum a pool, so good is the performance of these machines (typically – ed). However if you pay your cleaner little attention you may soon be forced back to manually cleaning the pool – whilst it can be quite relaxing once you get past the priming of hoses, attaching poles etc. etc. we know that you most likely not want to go back to this old method.

The aqua-power PSU (Power Supply Unit), a tell-tale sign of a AquaTron robot

The aqua-power PSU (Power Supply Unit), a tell-tale sign of a AquaTron robot

Regular rinsing of the robot cleaner inside & out with fresh water plus removing hair & other articles trapped around the top impeller & tracks can go a long way to keeping things in good order.

However one of the most overlooked items is the filter.
Whether a bag or cartridge (flat panel) these will soon become clogged, like your pools main filter once clogged the pumps have to work extra hard which creates premature wear & shortens their service life.

The 8100S fitler bag as seen fitted to its frame

The 8100S filter bag as seen fitted to its frame

So what can be done?

  1. After each use turn the bag inside out & rinse through with fresh clean water, if using a hose keep the pressure low so as not to damage the fibres.
  2. Inspect the bag monthly & replace immediately if it becomes split – debris entering the motor pump will be catastrophic.
  3. Rotate the filter base when fitting to alternate the side of the bag ┬áthat takes the biggest flow rate – pool robots do tend to have stronger suction on one side than another.
  4. Replace the bag every 18 – 24 months.
The Dirt Devil - our very popular cleaner from 2009 - 2013

The Dirt Devil – our very popular cleaner from 2009 – 2013

It will not be until you replace the bag that you see just what a dirty & misshapen state your old filter is in.
Aspects Pools offer the worlds most common filter bag the 8100S.
This is fitted in many a cleaner as the worlds largest & longest established manufacturer Aqua-Power or Aqua-Tron have been using it for over a decade. This manufacturer have made many a variation on there original design but always (until 2013) they filter was the same system.
So if you have a cleaner with a power pack that looks like the one above then the chances are that the bag has a small tag with the number 8100S written on it.

Get your 8100S filter bag from Aspects pools by clicking on any of the image within this BLOG or by clicking here.

If you need more help then do call us on 01895 672 515

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