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May 10, 2014

The Naia Swimming Pool robot cleaner

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The Naia has been making a name for itself as a great value cleaner in a crowded market since Aspects Pools first brought it to the UK in 2103, we were curious & like most customers wondered about the price & how it could be effective at the price.
So we got a few in from overseas & have never looked back…

The first feature most people notice is the price. Hundreds, if not thousands of pounds less than full A.I. robot cleaners…

After that come the questions & they are always the same,  so below to help i’ve simply copied the most common reply;

How does it work, does it brush the floor, will it work on a liner pool, why is it so cheap & how is it operated?

It works like a jet ski in as much as it sucks water up through vents underneath & jets the water out of the rear. This simple act of physics pushes the Naia along the floor.
When the user turns it on they set the pool size on the control box so it knows how far to travel.

The jet propulsion is created by an on-board electric motor, this motor is fed a safe voltage of 12V via a floating cable. This cable is connected to a mains transformer & control box. This box although splash-proof, must stand well back of the water on the pool side.

During propulsion process the water is passed through a filter bag & this is where the cleaning happens.
There is no brushing action to speak of but the suction is significant & the bag is very fine, often much finer than sand filtration & therefore excellent at improving water clarity.

This cleaner is suitable for any pool surface & those with gentle slopes as it is not driven by complex tracks, pulleys or wheels.

Its worthy of further note that this cleaner helps to agitate & circulate the water in the lowest parts of the pool where often chemicals do not fully permeate & it is coldest. This action encourages better chemical mixing & also more even heat distribution.

A warmer, more balanced & cleaner, clearer pool.

The Naia; a simple yet effective design for a simple problem

The Naia; a simple yet effective design for a simple problem

The price question has been separated out of the above as its a little more in depth;

Simply put this cleaner is a step between totally dumb suction cleaners and advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) driven robotic cleaners.

Dumb suction cleaners bob & hop around the pool in random patterns driven by your pool pumps suction system – inefficient & often ineffective at total area cleaning.
Full Robotic AI cleaners scan the pool & drive around methodically to give a total area clean.
They are driven by two motors (to steer & drive like a tank) & one to help climb walls (if applicable) this is vs. one motor in the Naia.
The Robots have scanning systems & all sorts of other electrical fuss & faff inside to make them work effectively – all of this equipment & material adds weight & cost.

Not overly complex nor fiddly, simply put it in the water, adjust the output nozzle angles, turn it on, enter the pool-size, cleaning time required & press go!

Naia pool robot cleaner - Control? turn it on enter the pool size & press go!

Naia pool robot cleaner - Control? turn it on enter the pool size & press go!

All in all the Naia is stunning in its simple approach to the problem of dirty pools.

Feel free to call us (01895 672515) or head to our website to learn more.

May 4, 2014

Skimming the pool just got quicker

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Skimming the swimming pool’s surface is an often repetitively boring task. Nets are great for the odd leaf of bug but to clear a pool or pond of algae at the start of the season is a whole different kettle of fish.

Now fresh from the USA is the Parachute Skimmer ™ to make things very much simpler & swift.
Simply cast it out over the pool or drop it in at the edge and guide it through the leaves or debris to dredge the surface.

Three times wider than a typical net means it at least three times faster, its logical when you think about it;
You wouldn’t use a dustpan brush to sweep your drive so why use a foot wide net to sweep the pools surface?
At three foot wide the skimming parachute glides across the surface effortlessly, the patented design makes manoeuvring a cinch too.

Learn more at our website by clicking here or calling the office on 01895 672 515.

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